Madam Creel (Madam X)

She can get you what you need, but can you pay the price?


Age: ?
Attractive Tall skinny woman, pale skin, black hair.
Typically wears black military boots, shredded jeans and lewd suggestive shirts. Multiple chains circle her waist like belts but with locks on them. The most notable thing is her long hair is spiked at opposing angles that make a large “x” above her head.
Location:The Hole, New York City

“So you want a favor? Maybe some info? Cry me a river cause I don’t care. Unless you make it worth my while. Of course I’ve heard something. I hear all sorts of things. It’s the only thing that keeps me from being so damn bored. TV is so much cooler! Tired of drama? Change the channel. Tired of the action? Change the channel. That some crazy power! You just kill it! A whole show gone until you switch back! Just click and gone! Only reason I traffic in favors and info, it’s like my own tv show and I can look at the script and see what can happen! How sick is that shit?
Don’t bother to answer, cause I can tell you’re pretty stupid.
You’re not going to piss me off are you? God I hate when that happens! And you know what I do when someone pisses me off?
I change the channel.”

Madam Creel (Madam X)

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