Xavier Alex Bex

A famous magician who's not all purple smoke and flash.


Xavier Alex Bex
26 years old
Only Child
Parents alive
Black hair (usually slicked back), dark green eyes, white skin lightly tanned.

For such an incredibly public figure not much is known of the private life of Xavier Bex. Like many people in fame’s spotlight he loves an entrance and putting on a show. He is rarely seen not wearing his stage garb, including his top hat, all typically black or a dark purple. His performances are renown for selling out months in advance and rightly so. Xavier excels in all forms of stage magic including Houdini like escapes and can keep an audience mesmerized and hecklers silent with his disappearing/reappearing acts. In an excerpt from the Washington post one reporter made a rather interesting observation during an interview.
Reporter: Mr. Bex if I may note, you live a rather opulent public lifestyle, with a seemingly new suit every show, stays at high price hotels and restaurants, and of course there’s your heavily custom tour bus.
Bex: Well of course sir. I have been fortunate to have such amazing fans that come to all my shows. I think they have come to expect such opulence and with my fortune in the industry I feel that I shouldn’t disappoint.
Reporter: Yes yes, but what I mean to say is. While you seem to have made “New” almost a fashion statement itself there is one item that never changes.
Bex: Yes?
Reporter: Your trunk sir. The large steamer trunk that appears at every show. You’ve never once changed it in your entire career. Is it a family heirloom perhaps?
Bex: (sly smile) Hmmm…one could say that. I prefer to look at it as a rather important hand me down. One I shall never replace. It holds many important things.
Reporter: Really? But there are any number of newer chests or trunks far larger. What could it possibly contain?
Bex: (A twinkle in his eye) Oh come now, surely you won’t make me say it.
Reporter: (leaning forward eagerly) Please, I must know!
Bex: (A wink and grin) Why, Magic, what else?

Xavier Alex Bex

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