Location: New York City
Time: February 15
Between stories gap:approx. 1 1/2 months
When last we left our heroes….

The Christmas season was marred by tragedy and loss as the heroes uncovered the plot of a kidnapper driven mad by the terrors of last years Halloween. While they succeeded in stopping him from acquiring his fifth victim, interrupting the process before he could kill the child’s parents and rescuing the little girl from his crazed clutches, they could do nothing for those they discovered later. Locked away in the the man’s childhood house were the four children taken previously. While no harm had come to them besides slight malnourishment, there was nothing that could be done. Their parents were dead and they had unknowingly become orphans. A cold hard reminder that there isn’t always a happy ending.
This was an emotional test. One that has given the adventurers, both old and new, a chance to bond in their own ways.
But bonds can be strained.
Worn thin.
How strong have they become? How much trust is there?
Perhaps the next adventure will show them how far they’ve come. Or how far they have yet to go.
The story continues with:

The Theft of Progress

The figure clung to the ceiling, hidden in the half shadows and light fixtures, and waited. Two men in suits and shades discussing their lunch options passed beneath. As soon as they rounded the corner at the far end of the hall, the intruder continued along, stopping at a recessed duct. Despite it being heavily secured in it’s frame it posed only a minor delay before being slid aside, then back into place. The passageway was larger than a normal air duct. A necessity when piping large volumes of air so deep beneath the ground. Crawling silently for several minutes brought the black clad form to a vent overlooking an empty room filled with computer terminals. Taking a very quiet, slow, deep breathe through the featureless mask, the vent was moved aside and the figure slipped down to the floor with acrobatic grace. Standing before a terminal, a small device was laid against the machine and switched on. The generic log-in screen vanished, replaced with a stream of code, the device flashed green briefly as the code disappeared and was replaced in turn with the glowing words: Access Granted. The now hunched form began pulling up files, scanning pages and pages of information until finally one particular page stayed on the screen. The mask let out an exasperated noise, disturbing the silence, arms rising briefly in the air in disbelief. Flicking off the codebreaker and returning it to a side pouch, the thief stretch, revealing very feminine curves mostly hidden by the high end suit she was wearing. Glancing back at the computer terminal and what it said, a quiet laugh escaped her. Placing a foot on the table, her body performed a perfect backwards flip, grabbing onto the ceiling at the arcs peak then slipping back into the duct system. Another quiet laugh echoed back down and out of the vent as it closed. The computer terminal remained open, the page filling the screen for a few more seconds before logging out.

Communication with Division P7532-4A6 stopped January 2021.
Suspected Division P7532-4A6 has gone dark.
Last update regarded the acquisition and expulsion of entity G23H.A1, code named: Hammer
Last known location of Division P7532-4A6: New York City

Rediscovering Reality

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