The Church of Self Improvement

Do you wish to become a greater you?
To unlock your hidden potential?
To be surrounded by others like you?
To be valued, admired, accepted?
To become the Ultimate You?

Then join us at the Church of Self Improvement

Free one month trial at adjoining gym for new hopefuls

Three of these churches were located in New York, each with an adjoining gym. The churches themselves where nothing particularly grandiose, mostly converted from older buildings and had only been around for a few years. Upon entering, the guest or “hopeful” would walk down a short hallway with several “fun house” style mirrors showing the different warped possibilities of your physique all supposedly obtainable through membership. At the end the guest would be led to a seat by a disciple wearing a black robe cut in the traditional christian style. The sermon is lead by the head of that church who is known as the Supreme and wears a black robe with a deep red sash laid across. Three doors, aside from the entrance/exit are located near the back behind the stage and podium. One to the Supreme’s chambers, another to the supply room containing all the additional robes and equipment for mass, the third leading to the adjoining gym which is a simple large open space with the normal assortment of weightlifting and cardio equipment.

All three churches recently closed however, following the destruction of the largest of the three. Attributing the majority of the destruction to a fire that broke out, authorities are still puzzled as to what actually happened as many witnesses swear that, preceding the fire, a large rusted tour bus appeared out of a massive cloud of purple smoke before crashing headlong through the front entrance. The bus frame was examined along with the rubble of the building but it was ruled out that the bus had enough gas in it to set the fire, although what it was doing there is still a mystery. Two police officers where also slain, their bodies recovered at the site. An investigation has been opened as authorities search for their killer.

The Church of Self Improvement

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